1 – Introduction

1.1 Service Provider

The online store www.nikolaosbrass.com is the online store that is selling products on the Internet,managed by the established BUSINESS in Athens and on 42 Zoodohou Pigis street and Valtetsiou corner under the name "Nikolaos CHR. BRAS ". You could communicate with us by email:  info@nikolaosbrass.com and by telephone: 210 3300994.

 1.2 Acceptance of terms of use

The terms and conditions indicated below apply to the use of the shop www.nikolaosbrass.com. Anyone who uses the services of the e Shop,  confirms and accepts the following terms  without exception. If someone does not agree with these terms, should refrain from using  the e Shop.THE BUSINESS  reserves the right to modify or update unilaterally the terms and conditions of trade. Any such change will be mentioned in the online store. The BUSINESS  also reserves the right to change the content of the website (for example: price, availability, photo, description, etc.), without prior notice.

 2 - Intellectual Property

The entire contents of the e Shop and design thereof, including trade names, trademarks, pictures, photographs, drawings, texts etc. are the intellectual property of the BUSINESS and are protected in accordance with applicable law. In particular, you may not copy, reproduce, transmit or otherwise use the site content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes, without the prior written consent of  the BUSINESS. Also note that brands and other trademarks appearing in this website belong either to the BUSINESS or to third BUSINESSES, from which the BUSINESS is provided with their products, each of the distinctive features protected by special legislation applicable to them, and the appearance on the website of the BUSINESS in no way represents any transfer or licensing or right to use them.

3 – Business Warranty Liability

3.1 Online Store Information - Product Information

The BUSINESS as a provider of related services, is committed to accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the online store, regarding information, availability and pricing of products. Of course the BUSINESS is not responsible for errors due to an error in the recording of electronic data in the system, as well as for any errors listed in the availability of any product of the BUSINESS. In case of course that one of the products seems to be available, and it is not, the BUSINESS will inform the user and will not proceed with this sale. In any case the BUSINESS does not guarantee the product availability and may change the data in the computer system , regarding the availability and prices of the products, without notice.
   Claims for damages for civil liability against the BUSINESS, which relate to material or moral damage caused by the use or non-use of referenced  information and / or the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are generally excluded, unless expressly provided by law relative requirement for liability coverage. The BUSINESS expressly reserves the right to modify, complete or delete parts of individual pages or all of these, or the temporary or permanent closure of the publication without notice.

3.2 Technical Systems of Secure Transactions

The BUSINESS recognizes the importance of security of personal data and electronic transactions and has taken all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods to ensure maximum safety. In order to explore the online store is not necessary for the user, to enter any personal information. The user can move freely in the online store and anonymously add chosen items in the shopping cart.
Personal data and information is required only when the user decides to proceed with the purchase of selected items. In this case, all information related to the users' personal information safeguarded as confidential.
The security of the BUSINESS online store is achieved by the following methods:

• Client Identification

The codes used to identify you are two: Entry Code (Username) and the Secret Personal Security Code (Password), which each time you enter them they provide you safe access to your personal information. You are allowed to change the Secret Personal Security Code (password) as often as you wish. The only person who has access to your information through the above codes is you and you are solely responsible for maintaining their secrecy of third persons. In case of loss or leakage you should immediately inform us, otherwise the online store of the BUSINESS is not responsible for the use of a password by an unauthorized person. The online store of the BUSINESS will not in any way disclose or publish your personal data and information entrusted to us. The personal data you share with us with your membership are used solely for implementation of  your transactions. All information is encrypted and stored securely.

• Entry Codes (Username) & Security (Password)
To login to the online store of the BUSINESS you use two codes, the Entry Code (Username) and the Secret Personal Security Code  (Password). The online store of the BUSINESS enables you to change your Security Code (password) as often as you wish and we would recommend, for safety reasons, to change your password regularly and avoid using the same codes.

• Privacy – Transactions Confidentiality

The user data (name, occupation, web address, home address, telephone number, mobile phone number, etc.), the transactions of  users of the electronic shop and conventions established by the electronic shop, are restricted, as in ordinary transactions in a shop. Users when providing their data in the context of such transactions,like in the present document,they  will be informed by the BUSINESS and will agree and accept the imminent processing of such personal data for the purposes of each transaction, as well as data transmission to recipients who will be specifically identified, and employees and auxiliaries of the BUSINESS within the preparation of the compiled contract.
We confirm that only authorized employees have access to information and transactions only when necessary, for example for processing orders. Moreover, the BUSINESS is committed not to disclose customer data and transactions, unless written authorization from them, or a court decision or other public authority. The personal data stated in the online store are used exclusively by or affiliated with this BUSINESS, to support, promote  and fulfill the trading relationship. All the documents and electronic data exchanged between the Parties under the sale will be held by the BUSINESS. The customer can have access to them, and all elements of contracts and transactions with the BUSINESS, if he/she wishes.

4 - Prohibition of use
Expressly prohibited the use of the E Shop by any user for any purpose other than the purchase of electronic products of the BUSINESS. Especially prohibited the use of the program by any user to send, post, or transmit any content which is illegal, for any reason, or affects the confidentiality or privacy, or cause violation of morality, or which users have no right transmission according to law or content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties or contains viruses.

5-Links - Associated Websites
On the website of the online store you can find links, or other associated websites. These links are not under the control of the BUSINESS and the BUSINESS is not responsible for the content of these pages.

 6-Terms of Sale

 6.1 Payment Methods

 By deposit in bank account:

Prepay your order in one of the following accounts of the banks we work with:

Piraeus Bank

Account number: 5032-077887-048

                  IBAN :GR15 0172 0320 0050 3207 7887 048

Quoted prices in online store include VAT 23% and exclude shipping costs. The BUSINESS reserves the right to adjust the prices.

6.2 Product Availability

The BUSINESS  is not bound to the availability of products, as mentioned in the online store, but undertakes to inform users in case of the availability of a product ordered, is different from that indicated in the website. The client is informed on the availability of products through such terms as "available", "not available" and "on demand". Your order may be delayed either because our supplier delays to deliver the product or because the product ordered has been discontinued and is not available. In this case we will contact you to inform you and to consult you if you want us to deliver the rest of your order or to suggest an alternative product. If none of the above satisfies you, your order will be canceled. If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.) we are not  able to deliver the products or services within the prescribed time, we will inform you, in order to  state us if you want, under these conditions, the completion of your order.

6.3 Order Cancellation / Returns
• Cancellation of orders can be completed before, during online order process you can press ‘’back’’ and remove the quantities of products from your cart by clicking the "Remove" button.
If the order has been completed but the product  not yet shipped, please call us at 210 3300994 and one of our partners will undertake to cancel your order. In this case you will need to specify the code order.
• In the case  that you wish to return purchased products because you are not happy or not satisfied completely you are entitled to do so within 7 working days of the date of the receipt of the order. In this case you will be charged only with the cost of returning products. The BUSINESS is not responsible for damage that may occur in the products during the process of return. Immediately upon receipt of the returned products and after verifying that the packaging is in excellent condition and that the product was sold by us our representative will contact you as to arrange the way you want to get a refund . The refund will be completed by us within a maximum of 15 days from the date of receipt of the returned product. The products should be in the condition you received them, without having obvious damage to the packaging and accompanied by the receipt or invoice. If products have been returned damaged, incomplete or obviously used the BUSINESS has the right to seek compensation from the client, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products.

7-Responsibility of users

Users of the online store www.nikolaosbrass.com declare and accept that they will not use its content, in any illegal way, immoral, offensive and malicious. They also state that the information provided by them in the use of the e Shop and its contents, are true and correct. Finally, they declare that they bear any responsibility of the use of the e Shop and their account from unauthorized by them people as well as compensation of any damage result from the use in www.nikolaosbrass.com and / or any other partner .


The BUSINESS  is not responsible for errors in prices, features or photographs and reserves the right to change prices without notice. Also is not liable towards  the user / customer for any damages resulting from the implementation / or not of their order. Simultaneously accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including but not exclusively reported, loss of profits, interruption of business, loss of information and data, loss of customers, etc.), which arise in connection with the operation or and the use of the e Shop. Users-clients are solely responsible for the evaluation and selection of products and services offered by the website and the BUSINESS accepts no responsibility in relation to the correctness of the choice of user, or any inconsistencies between products - software - services provided by it. The transportation of goods is made on behalf of and under the responsibility of the customer. The BUSINESS is not responsible for defects or poor quality of third party products available to customers, because the received products from suppliers and / or manufacturers, are packed in sealed boxes. In case of a defective or faulty product you should contact one of our representatives, and you will be advised immediately,we will replace the defective product or will give  your money back (see. Order Cancellation / Returns).

9-Shipping costs

9.1 Within Greece

According to Law 3842 (Government Gazette 58A / 23.04.2010), we inform you that in retail purchases over 1.500 euros, there can be paid in cash either in-store or in delivery. Payment should be made either by credit card or by bank deposit (6.1 PAYMENT).

•If the valueof your order is over 350 euros , then the transport is free of charge for ALL OVER GREECE.If your order is less than 350 euros and the payment method that you selected is by bank deposit or by credit  card ,then you will be charged with 7 euros in transport for orders ALL OVER GREECE.

•If the payment method that you selected is by delivery, then you will be charged an extra fee of 3 euros for orders ALL OVER GREECE.

These prices are only valid for shipments within Greece.The delivery is made in one to three working days. In case of inaccessible areas the delivery time may be longer depending on the region.

9.2 Abroad

Shipments prices abroad and the delivery time of the products may differ from country to country, so the customers will be informed for the shipping cost and the delivery time of each order by e-mail.

10.Order Confirmation

After each online order the BUSINESS contacts the client by e-mail or telephone for order confirmation.






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