The workshop'' Nikolaos Brass ‘’ is more than a workshop of musical instruments, is also a laboratory of    research. With Nikolaos Brass himself as inspirer and after 30 years of study and research, our workshop has in its exhibition space several unique and innovative musical instruments, some of which are:




Musical instrument of five basic and thirteen sympathetic chords. It has the tone color of a violin and a viola together, resulting in the production of a richer, higher in quality and more original sound.

Musical instrument maker: Nikolaos Brass



Unique instrument which is played by violinists. Designed in such a way, so that it has the characteristics of a violin (soundbox length, scale, etc.) but to produce the sound of a cello. Due to the asymmetric shape on its left side, its great depth, and in particular made, for this instrument, chords the result was what we expected: a VIOLIN-CELLO.

Musical instrument maker: Nikolaos Brass


His greatest achievement is the research and the revival of two Pythagorean musical instruments which they are unique in the world:




A Pythagorean experimental musical instrument. It was named '' Syntonon'' which means <the instrument with strings stretched together> as all of their tones are determined by sliding weights.It belongs to ancient chord instruments and is the world's first Zither.

Musical instrument maker: Nikolaos Brass



Musical instrument of four discs, which was unknown as it was not depicted in any vase or embossing plate. After 2,500 years    Nikolaos Brass has managed through written texts to construct it  and give its voice again.                                                                                                      Musical instrument maker: Nikolaos Brass 





   and also the most complete collection of reconstructed ancient Greek musical instruments.





























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